Elevated bog bridge on the Appalachain Trail

Elevated bog bridge on the Appalachian Trail in Carrying Place Township Maine. Walkway is supported by cedar posts driven to refusal by a people powered pile driver.

Griphoist Class

Trail Services Griphoist Service Class with Arizona Trails in Prescott AZ in 2009.

PCT volunteers build a diagonal stack waterbar

Pacific Crest Trail Volunteers building a diagonal stack waterbar during a rock work training session in 2009.

Training group building stone steps

Training group building stone steps on the Pacific Crest Trail in Truckee California in 2009.

Stone working crew building bridge abutment

Stone working Crew building bridge abutment Lookout Mountain Georgia 2013.

Finger Lakes trail rigging class

Finger lakes Trail Rigging Class trying out methods with TU-17 Griphoist.

Improvised carry sling for griphoist

Improvised carry sling for Griphoist TU-28 at workshop with the Upper Valley Trail Alliance in Vermont.

Rock split with rifting hammer

Triangular Block of Andesite cut into 2 pieces with a rifting hammer Pacific Crest Trail Cascade Locks, Oregon